Applied General Equilibrium Modelling GLOBE, STAGE and R23 Models

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GTAP Database for GLOBE

The GTAP database needs to be transformed before being used by the GLOBE. This procedure only needs to be undertaken once for each version/release of the GTAP database. Thereafter the user of GLOBE can develop any necessary aggregations using  SAMGator.

The reason for only needing to run this procedure once is that the process involves addressing both structural and data format issues, while ensuring that the database is fully consistent with the national accounting conventions underlying a SAM. Structural issues relate to the behavioural relationships in the GLOBE model (the GTAP database is structured around the GTAP model’s behavioural relationships). The format issue arises because the GTAP database is compiled using the GEMPACK software, which is single precision, whereas the GAMS software - used for GLOBE - is double precision. The GLOBE model uses settings that assume the database is ‘balanced’ to 13/14 decimal places.

We try to update the code as soon as we have access to a new version of the GTAP database. Not being consortium members this cannot be before new versions of GTAP go on general realease.


All the downloads  of code are made available a GAMS User Libraries

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