Applied General Equilibrium Modelling ANNARES, STAGE and R23 Models

© Scott McDonald


ANARRES is the ‘working’ version of cgemod’s global CGE model. It is configured use in comparative static and recursive dynamic modes. The model is designed for the analysis of multiple economic and policy issues within a single model; hence it encompasses features previously captured in model variants, e.g., energy and emissions, climate change, migration, imperfect labour markets, imperfect competition, etc. The code for the model is modular.

The model is broadly consistent with the prices systems in the SNA and SEEA. It is calibrated using augmented versions of GTAP’s transactions database and other satellite accounts from GTAP, e.g., GTAP-Power, GTAP-E, Air Pollution, Non-CO2 emissions and  Labour data (by Walmsley). Because ANARRES is consistent with the SNA and SEEA, its design allows its use with any databases that use the SNA/SEEA price systems.

The model includes the following novel features: generalised nesting of CES functions for imports and CET functions for exports; generalised nesting for production and utility functions; flexible macroeconomic closure and (factor) market clearing conditions; flexible exchange rates; Value Added taxes; energy use and emissions taxes; (imperfect) factor mobility functions; air pollution and emissions tracking; labour migration and remittances; production functions for multiple types of capital; international international current account transactions; etc.

The recursive dynamic modules are designed to provide users with flexible options: this reflects the fact that recursive dynamic applications involve components that are highly user specific. At the heart of the recursive dynamic modules is a system of perpetual inventories that track the evolution in the quantities and qualities of factors of production. The inventories for physical capital goods allow for tracking ‘vintages’ of capital goods. The inventories for labour are linked to demographic accounts track the evolution of the labour endowments owned by households and those deployed in the labour force.

The technical documentation reflects, as accurately as we can, the state of the model on the date on the front page of the technical document; it is always out of date.


ANARRES is NOT open-source subject, but variants may be licensed ( ). Variants of the STAGE model can be produced for clients.



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