Applied General Equilibrium Modelling ANNARES, STAGE and R23 Models

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CGEMOD has four families of models; all are coded using the General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS),. All the models use the same notation, many of the same behavioural relationships, the same methods for handling data and the same approach to the organisation of the code.

There are two single-country CGE model families: the STAGE (Static Applied General Equilibrium) family, which is a suite of full feature CGE models, and SMOD (Simple MODel), which is suite of training models. There are two global CGE model families: the ANARRES family (descended from the GLOBE model), which is a suite of full feature global CGE models that can be calibrated using the WIOD or GTAP databases, and R23, which is a global variant of the classic 123 model.

The opens source models, STAGE_1 and ANARRES_1, are setup as ‘template’ models for the analyses of trade, fiscal and general economic policy issues. The teaching models, STAGE_t and ANARRES_t, are setup for cgemod’s online training courses in comparative static and recursive dynamic CGE modelling (see TRAINING for details). These models contain features not included in STAGE_1 and ANARRES_1.

CGEMOD’s working versions of the STAGE and ANARRES models are designed to encompass many of the behaviours and features of the STAGE and ANARRES models developed since the mid-1990s within a single working model, e.g., energy use and emissions, climate change, migration, income distribution, labour markets, agricultural development, social reproduction, labour-leisure, etc. These models are designed for use by experienced modellers.

The online training CGEMOD offers uses SMOD, STAGE_t and ANARRES_t  (see TRAINING). Although these models are used during training, the training programmes are designed with the objective that ‘graduates’ will make changes to the models going forward.


The codes for STAGE_1, ANARRES_1 and SMOD_1 are licensed under Creative Commons BY (Attribution). ( ). As are the codes for STAGE_t and ANARRES_t that are supplied for training courses.

STAGE and ANARRES are NOT open-source subject. They may be licensed under CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike). ( ).

Send an email to if you wish to discuss licensing and model variant options.


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