Applied General Equilibrium Modelling ANNARES, STAGE and R23 Models

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GTAP Data in Social Accounting Matrix & for GLOBE Model

This work is not supported by GTAP. We can only provide new versions of the code after new versions are released to the public, some months after they are made available to ‘consortium’ members, and after we purchase the new version. If you need the codes for a new version before we get around to purchasing the new version, please contact us.

We welcome and appreciate suggestions about how these codes can be improved, especially if accompanied by code.


GTAP in a SAM’ was developed to overcome the difficulties many users had understanding the accounting relationships in the GTAP database. The method was documented in GTAP technical paper (#22): the 2nd most visited GTAP technical paper. A revised version of the Technical Paper is available here (GTAP declined to make a revised version available).

It was developed using with GTAP v5 and v6, and has since been updated with each release of the GTAP database. Since version 7 the codes have exported all the GTAP data in SAM and satellite account format. The data are saved as GDX files.

The code was developed using GAMS and all versions are available here as a GAMS User Model Library. The code in GTAPAgg, the programme that is used to distribute the GTAP databases, that produces a SAM was derived from the GAMS code.

The codes provided here work with GTAP v5 to GTAP v11 and convert the entire GTAP database to GDX in SAM and satellite account format . A User Guide is also supplied.


The codes and documents for GTAP in a SAM v11 are here. The codes are in zipped archive and the linked technical papers is in pdf

Code for GTAPinaSAM 11

Technical Paper for GTAP 11

The codes for versions 5 to 10 of GTAP are supplied as a GAMS User Model Library


Technical Paper

User Guide GTAP 10

Notes on GTAP Data