Applied General Equilibrium Modelling ANNARES, STAGE and R23 Models

© Scott McDonald

Features of CGE Models: Technical Papers

These technical papers are designed to provided information about the behavioural relationships and technical features found in many CGE models. The details in these papers do not related to specific model specifications, rather they are generic and can be applied in many models. Some are found in some variants of the  STAGE and GLOBE models.

All these papers are periodically revised and updated.

  1. McDonald, S., (2010). ‘Modelling Households as Joint Producers and Consumers’.
  2. McDonald, S., (2011). ‘Prices, Social Accounts and Economic Models’.
  3. McDonald, S., (2018).  ‘The Labour Market and Production Boundary in CGE Models.’
  4. McDonald, S., and Thierfelder, K., (2019). ‘The formulation and calibration of nested functions in CGE models.’
  5. McDonald, S., and Thierfelder, K., (2020). ‘Modelling Labour Markets  in CGE models.