Applied General Equilibrium Modelling ANNARES, STAGE and R23 Models

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Introduction to GAMS and GAMSIDE

Open Access Training

This page provides open access to training materials that provide an introduction to GAMS and GAMSIDE. The materials are adapted from the standard GAMS tutorial to provide training that complements the GAMS tutorial. The materials require the use of a USER LIBRARY; so studying the instructions on the operation of a User Library is necessary.

We will add training materials for GAMS Studio when difficulties with using Studio with User Libraries have been resolved (or an alternative method of delivery has been determined).

ALL these exercises only require the demo version of GAMS. To apply for a demo license from GAMS corporation and download the latest version of GAMS, click here to go the the GAMS website.

This material is UNSUPPORTED.



Course Outline


1. Intro to GAMS.pdf

4. Transport prob.pdf

7. Transport Excer.pdf


2. Intro GAMS.ppt

5. Transport prob.ppt


3. Intro GAMS.mp4

6. Transport prob.mp4

User Library





Files in order of use (code files in RED)


Introduction to GAMS and GAMSIDE

Install and configure GAMS/GAMSIDE; Running a Model; Using a model library

Setting options; libraries; utilities; help; search

1. Intro to GAMSIDE.pdf

2. Intro to GAMS and GAMSIDE ppt.pdf

3. Intro to GAMS and GAMSIDE.mp4


A Transport Problem in GAMS

Understanding a GAMS programme; Command line; Running an experiment

running programme; list & log files; ref files; gdx output

4. The transport problem.pdf

5. The transport problem ppt.pdf

6. The transport problem.mp4

7. Transport exercises.pdf



A Transport Problem in GAMS

Resolve syntax & execution errors; DiffText files

Debugging a model


Extending the Transport model

Adding markets, plants & data

Adding accounts and markets to a model