Applied General Equilibrium Modelling GLOBE, STAGE and R23 Models

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Practical CGE Modelling: Online Courses

Course 1: 23rd Sept to 25th Oct 2019; Course 2: 11th Nov to 13th Dec 2019; Course 3: 13th Jan to 14th Feb 2020

There are six (6) modules in the course:

  1. A Simple Closed Economy CGE Model
  2. A Closed Economy CGE Models
  3. Basic 1*2*3 (Open Economy) CGE Model
  4. 1*2*3 (Open Economy) CGE Model
  5. A Simple CGE Model
  6. Course Project

The first 5 modules have 27 components that each require c 3 hours of study. The project should take c 12 hours. Each module requires the participants to submit an assignment; this allows the tutor to monitor progress and understanding. The course runs over 5 weeks, with an allowance for 1 week of slippage.

The course includes two pre-course modules. These are openly available from the CGEMOD web site. In the two weeks before starting the ‘Practical CGE Modelling course’, participants fully registered for the course are required to complete two short assignments.

The materials are delivered using MOODLE, which provides an asynchronous forum in which participants engage with each other participants and the course instructor.

Questions and requests for advice submitted between 0800 and 1600 UTC will be responded to by the end of the next working (Monday to Friday) day, i.e., by 1600 UTC.

Further information and Registration

Contact: Yontem Sonmez (

Course Fees

Professional - full: £1,100

Student - full: £750

Professional - developing country: £900

Student - developing country: £600

Scholarship - developing country student: £150 (limited numbers)


Yontem Sonmez, Karen Thierfelder and Scott McDonald



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