Applied General Equilibrium Modelling ANNARES, STAGE and R23 Models

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Estimating a Social Accounting Matrix

Target Audiences

The target audiences for this course are

  1. CGE model developers, e.g., graduate students, researchers, academics, etc.,
  2. CGE Model users, e.g., policy analysts, researchers, consultants, etc.,

Course Aims

To develop the SAM estimation skills of participants (using GAMS) so they

Course Objectives

On completion of the course the participants will be able to:


In this course the participants use data presented in various formats to derive prior estimates of SAMs that are then used to generate complete and consistent SAMs. The course uses mathematical estimation methods (RAS, Modified RAS and Maximum Entropy) to derive the complete and consistent SAMs. The data used to estimate the prior SAMs are derived from pre existing SAMs that have been perturbed; this allows comparisons between the estimated and actual SAMs to evaluate the performance of the mathematical estimation methods.

This course does NOT use a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to access GAMS.


SAM Estimation course


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