Applied General Equilibrium Modelling GLOBE, STAGE and R23 Models

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SeeResults is an Excel-based spreadsheet application that has been developed within the PROVIDE project to facilitate viewing results and producing presentation output, such as charts. It effectively functions as a GDX (a binary format used for output from GAMS) file viewer, and has been designed to be flexible, user-friendly and immediately usable with minimal configuration.

SeeResults was coded by Melt van Schoor under the auspices of the PROVIDE project that was run by Cecilia Punt at Elsenberg in the Western Cape of South Africa.

As Excel evolves/changes so there are changes in VBA. This means that SeeResults needs to evolve. Downloads are available for various version of Excel where the number indicated the version, e.g., SeeResults13 is for Excel 2013.


Technical Document