Applied General Equilibrium Modelling ANNARES, STAGE and R23 Models

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Recursive Dynamic CGE Modelling: Online Short Course

This course is offered in cycles 2 and 3

There are four (4 modules in the course:

  1. The Basics of a Recursive Dynamic CGE Model
  2. Recursive Dynamic Single Country OR Global CGE Model
  3. Extensions to the Recursive Dynamic Single Country OR Global CGE Model
  4. Course Project (Single country or Global)

This is an advanced course designed to meet the requirements of participants who have well developed technical and analytical skills as ‘users’ of CGE models for applied studies and/or modellers.

Participants choose to follow the single country or global CGE model pathway; support is only offered for one pathway. Participants have unsupported accessed to the material for the pathway they did not select.

The first module has 8 components which each require c 3 hours of study and uses the SMOD from the Practical CGE coures. The second and third modules havve 8 components that require c 24 in total. This uses either the STAGE_t or ANARRES_t model. The project - single country or global - requires c 18 hours. The course is over 6 weeks, with an allowance for 1 week of slippage. Each module requires the participants to submit an assignment; this allows the tutor to monitor progress and understanding.

A prerequisite for the course is completion of the ‘Single Country CGE Modelling course’ or ‘Global CGE Modelling course, or equivalent (ask the contact for the course if you want to claim exemption).

The materials are delivered using MOODLE, which provides an asynchronous forum in which participants can engage with other participants and the course instructor.

Questions and requests for advice submitted between 0800 and 1600 UTC will be responded to by the end of the next working (Monday to Friday) day, i.e., by 1600 UTC.

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