Applied General Equilibrium Modelling GLOBE, STAGE and R23 Models

© Scott McDonald & Karen Thierfelder


STAGE is a ‘standard’ single country CGE model that is been calibrated using transactions data presented in a Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) format. The model is a direct descendant of an early US Department of Agriculture model. The model also owes a lot to the development of the SAM approach to national accounting and the SAM approach to modelling.

Trade is modelled using nested CES (imports) and CET (exports) functions with an adaptation to mitigate the impacts of small trade shares. Production is modelled using nested CES functions; all activities (industries) are modelled as multi product activities, i.e., the SAM is configured using a Supply and Use table format. There are multiple tax instruments on commodities, activities, factors and institutions and multiple sources of savings. The model is designed to include large numbers of factor (labour) and household accounts.


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